ONE08 H2Optimizer Crowdfunding Campaign
Project Description:


With only a swirling motion, the H2Optimizer device vitalizes everyday water by inducing a negative charge that amplifies the regeneration, health and overall function of your cells. You will taste and feel the difference from the very first sip.

The goal of our campaign is to raise funds to build a manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon to expand production of the current consumer products; a personal bottle top device, under sink, the entire home, as well as the larger agricultural devices.

The H2Optimizer Improves Absorption, Hydration and Antioxidant Properties Better Than Any Other Product On The Market

The H2Optimizer Produces The Healthiest Water Available On Earth And Brings Water To Life!

  • Eliminates Pathogens
  • Promotes faster cellular rejuvenation
  • Helps neutralize and flush toxins out of the body
  • Increases your overall health, well-being, and performance
  • Has 4 patents that demonstrate greater benefits from water than ever imagined or realized before
  • Maintains a permanent negative electrical charge, increasing nutrient absorption
  • Enhances your biofield with the proprietary QCT™ (Quantum Code Technology) encoding derived from 108 sacred geometries which can best be described as the fractal blueprints for the growth, restoration and homeostasis of all living organisms. This optimum magnetic alignment of natural molecular structure is the advantage of One08 Quantum Water™.

The H2Optimizer product is inexpensive, portable, uses no electricity… and has no moving parts or filters to replace… and is guaranteed for Five Years!

"Our inventors have successfully created a patented product, that also has trade secret technology that simulates an actual waterfall in nature. This is the finest water from nature, and now we have been able to hold that negative charge permanently, so you, the plants and animals of the earth can benefit from the finest water available, just by using our H2Optimizers." Bo Rinaldi, CEO ONE08 Inc.

Types of Devices

1. Bottle-Top Device

The bottle-top device is great for everyone who wants healthy, vital, pathogen free water. It’s also perfect for traveling, and creates sports drinks making them energized so you perform at your optimum level.

It’s perfect for travel and sports applications. The device has a unique design that restructures water and other liquids to permanently hold a negative charge while optimizing their molecular structure. With continued use, you will feel the difference. And when used on wine and raw milk, it increases flavor and dramatically slows oxidation. As with all H2Optimizers, there is no power required, no moving parts and no maintenance… making it ideally applicable to third world countries that need healthier water to drink. The bottle-top device is an ideal domestic appliance to condition drinking water for the optimal health of your family.

2. Under Sink / Shower Devices

This device is ideal for installation under a sink or attached to a shower.

A significant number of urban residents world-wide live in older homes and apartments with degraded plumbing and pipes, where this device is highly suitable for conditioning drinking and washing water, and has the advantage of being easily installed and removed without any impact on the surrounding fittings. Even bathing in QCT-activated water has healthful benefits.

3. Whole Home Device

Install the H2Optimizer HM to your main water intake and you will have the benefits of Quantum Code Technology® for all your domestic needs. This will give you the maximum benefits of the H2Optimizers’ vital water for food, laundry, shower, baths… and home garden, where your vegetables will thrive and yield better results!

4. Agricultural Water Device

These larger devices are designed for in-line irrigation systems for domestic and industrial agricultural use. H2Optimizer Patented Technology produces 100% seed germination and twice the harvest for all seed, vegetable, medicinal and fruit crops! The agricultural device works immediately and permanently, with no moving parts and no maintenance and can be installed above or below ground. The agricultural device is a 1-inch internal fitting, 16.5 inches long, 4 inches wide and weighs 20 lbs. The agricultural device is perfect for Organic Farming and Medical Marijuana applications where quality of taste, color and overall harvest can be significantly affected in a positive manner. Our growers also experience 100% seed germination, faster harvest, much greater yields with enhanced nutrition, taste, flavor, and color.

$10,000 Pledge Perk - Trip to Australia to Meet with the Inventor

4 days and 3 nights all inclusive, plus airfare from anywhere in the world to meet with the inventor of the H2Optimizer. Fly into Sydney Australia, be picked up by the team and taken to our 110-Acre Organic Permaculture farm. See the rivers and labs that contributed to this landmark set of devices and technology. Meet the people that are working daily for the benefit of all who love the planet, healthy water, food and life.

Join our crowdfunding campaign and help us bring
the Healthiest Water Available On Earth to everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: ONE08 Inc. still has a limited number of investor openings ~ for more information please call Bo Rinaldi at 503 833-2929

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- How many patents do the devices have?
- How does the H2Optimizer work anyway?
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Payment and Refund instructions!

We will start shipping H2Optimizers to our backers by October 2017 from our NEW manufacturing facilities in Portland, OR.

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